How to Buy a Domain Name Perfect for Your Online Project: 6 Tips to Consider

Buy a Domain Name Perfect

Buy a domain name and start your online project now! Read this article and discover the 6 tips you need to consider when buying a domain name!


Selecting a domain name is exactly the same as selecting a business name – it demands a lot of time, effort, and consideration. After all, your domain is your online identity and you want to make sure you select a domain that not only fits your brand and business, but it is also easy to promote and locate on the web.


So, how to buy a domain name which is perfect for your online project?


All you need to do is follow these 6 tips:


  • Make it easy to spell and easy to type – Choosing a domain name that is easy to spell and easy to type is important to online success. Keep the name as simple as possible as if you use words with multiple spellings or slang, you will confuse your customers and they will never remember your domain.
  • Keep it short – The secret to a good domain name is to keep it simple and short. If your domain is long and complicated the chances of your customers misspelling the name are pretty high. Remember, simple and short is the way to go.
  • Use keywords – Make sure to use keywords that are related to your business, brand, and the products and services you offer. Include keywords that people use when searching for your business.
  • Avoid number and hyphens – Keep in mind that numbers and hyphens are usually misunderstood and they make things complicated. When people hear your domain, they don’t know if you are using the numeral word such as 3 or the word is spelled out – three.

  • Use an appropriate domain name extension – It is important to use the right domain name extension as the extensions have their own specific uses. The .com domain extension is one of the most popular, however, it can be really difficult to get a short .com domain as this extension has been around for a long time.
  • Act fast – The domains are selling quickly. Luckily for you, they are not an expensive investment, so if you found a name that is suitable for your business, register it as soon as possible.


Use these 6 tips and find the perfect domain name for your online project!


How to Buy a Domain Name Properly: 3 Things You Must Check

Buy a Domain Name Properly

Buying a domain is not easy and you know it! Read this article and discover how to buy a domain name properly – there are 3 things you must check before buying!


The most challenging part of purchasing a domain name is determining whether or not the domain you want is available. So, if you already have an idea in mind, and you know exactly what domain name you want to buy, check immediately if it is available. If the domain is available, here are a few tips on how and where to purchase it:

  • Double-check the domain: The first thing you need to do before you buy the domain is to double-check it! You need to search for trademarks, check other company names, search other domain extensions, say the domain out loud, review for unintentional words, check its past reputation, and Google the term. To avoid future problems and complications you need to make sure the domain name doesn’t involve any trademarks. Also, be careful about buying a domain name that is similar to another business’s name. Say the domain out loud and see if you can reveal some problems you hadn’t noticed before. The domain should be easy to spell, easy to write, and easy to pronounce.
  • Check where you are planning to purchase the domain: You need to make sure the domain will be registered in your name, ask about flexibility as it is hard to predict how your business is going to develop, make sure you can renew the domain automatically, check what support is included in the package you are buying. Look for a support that meets your technical experience and knowledge. The last thing you need to search for are online reviews. See how others rate the domain name registrar you are planning on purchasing from.
  • Get the right deal: In order to get the right deal, you need to consider a first-year special offer, check the renewal terms, decide how long you want to register for, and if everything goes smoothly, go ahead and register the domain. If you are happy with the domain name registrar you have chosen, as well as, the price you pay, go ahead and buy a domain name for your new website!

Don’t wait too much, as someone else may buy the domain before you! Make a move now!

Where to Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting: Top 5 Places to Check

Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Planning on building a website? Looking for a domain name registrar and web hosting provider? Here are the best 5 places to buy a domain name and web hosting!


Finding a great domain name registrar or web hosting service provider may seem easy, but the truth is that it is a time-consuming and challenging process. You need to consider a lot of things before you pick the right place to buy a domain name and web hosting. You need to compare prices, check out the packages they offer, see the features included in the packages, the customer support, and etc. As we said, it is not easy, however it is really important, so you need to make a careful decision about which company you are going to pick.

In this article, we are going to present you the best 5 domain name registrars and web hosting service providers you can use:

  1. GoDaddy – One of the most popular domain name registrars. They will recommend you various keywords which is pretty useful if you haven’t any specific domain name in mind. You can’t go wrong if you pick GoDaddy.
  2. SnapNames – This is a web domain marketplace which means that they deal specifically with domain names that are already owned by someone else. The best thing about this provider is that they offer premium and daily auctions, buy-it-now listings, and private brokerage of domains for buying and selling domains.
  3. NameCheap – Another popular marketplace for domains. They have a huge selection of domains at cheaper prices. You can even find domains for $1. You can also buy an existing site and a mobile app from this provider, which is a great starter for your web existence.
  4. FatCow – This is one of the cheapest offers with domain names and web hosting for just 30 cents during the first month. After the first month, the prices grow. Besides this promotion, they have other well-priced deals and packages and will offer you perks for moving your domain and hosting to them.
  5. HostGator – A very reliable domain and web hosting service provider. Their control panel is modern and powerful and allows you to automatically control your domain. Their prices are competitive.

Now that you are familiar with the best 5 domain and web hosting companies, you can pick your favorite one and launch your new website!