Over the years, domain name registration has become very simple and easy. However, it can also be competitive and even very costly. This can leave you with just two options. Either to go for an expensive domain name registration and pay more than twice the amount or to find a low-cost domain name registration. Am sure you would want to go for the latter.

So how do you achieve it?

Three things you need to know before you buy a domain name. The first step is to look at the companies that offer domain name registration services. Do a little research and find out the charges of the various companies available online. Next, look at their services. If they register domain names free the better.

There are various companies out there registering domains at various fees. Some charge very hefty fees while others register domain names free. The point is, this should be affordable.

So don’t just go for any domain name registering company. Weigh them. They are not all the same. Here are some of the services that a low-cost company must be able to provide.

1. The quality of service

The quality of service is very important. Low-cost domain registration companies do provide quality services. It is not a myth. The notion that low-cost domain registration companies do not provide quality service is neither here nor there. So look at their product and service menu and be sure that the service they offer is top notch. You should be able to get everything you need at one point.

Quality of service - Domain name registration

2. Look at the email services of the domain registration company

It is through emails that your customers can get in touch with you. Therefore an email is very important; it is one of the best ways by which you can get orders from your customers. It is there get way to reach you. The ability to offer more emailing features to your customers is one of the best things you must consider when going for email registration.

Have a look at the email plans available. If they can offer you hosted exchange email the better. This feature is cost effective in as much as it is friendly.

Domain Name Registration - Email services

3. Availability of quick shopping cart software

The best low-cost domain name registration company must be able to provide a convenient quick shopping cart for your website. It is an important aspect to consider before you buy a domain name. This will help you manage your e-commerce products. A round the clock shopping that gives your customers an outstanding experience is a must have.

Quick shopping cart for your website

4. Frequent service updates

A regular update of services is critical. An excellent low-cost domain registration company must be able to offer regular service updates. This is useful for online marketing. This will help your business to get up to date with the latest in the market.

All these services you can get under one roof. Several companies offer these services at low costs upon registering your domain with them. Just take time, be patient and find out more about the service menu of every company before you commit yourself.


Before you buy a domain name, keep in mind that your domain name must be easy for people to remember. You need those who have visited your site to come back. They can only do so if they can remember your domain name. Moreover, the words that make up your domain name must be relevant to your choice of business. This is when you will be able to capitalize on the low-cost registration of domain names.


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